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JdbcOdbcDriver.finalize() line: not available

I was using Eclipse, with a Tomcat Java project, and every time I tried to start the server, I immediately jumped into debug mode, and the issue was:

JdbcOdbcDriver.finalize() line: not available

Google was no help.

I previously thought that this was the answer. I was wrong.

Finally I figured it out. I had some managed beans that were backed by a database. These managed beans were annotated @eager

When the server started the app from eclipse, they were instantiated and the tool went to the database to get the data. I had an exception thrown in the method from the database bean (a null pointer exception), and as a result, the connection to the database was being left open.

Somehow, the .metadata folder was buggered up and corrupted. I exited Eclipse. Then I went to the Eclipse workspace and copied the .metadata folder to my desktop to have a safe copy, then I deleted it in the workspace.

I re-started Eclipse. There were no projects. I imported them back in using Import > File System.

I had to fix the Build Path under the project properties and under the Window > Preferences, I had to reset the Tomcat Home. Voila, got rid of this super annoying problem.

That was the cause of the problem. Hope this helps someone.

Desperate Microsoft -- Internet Explorer 8

How pathetic. I just signed out of Hotmail, and instead of a re-direct to, instead I get a re-direct to a page called beautyOfTheWeb. The above is a screenshot. You will notice that the request parameters for the URL in the navigation bar say XP and Google Chrome browser, what I use on my laptop.

Then Microsoft has the temerity to tell me that my browser scores a 2.5 out of 4, and that I should download Internet Explorer 8 along with the Bing search tool and MSN.

I got off Internet Explorer because it is a piece of crap software that is virus prone, and using it, I got a virus that destroyed my desktop computer. Since using Firefox and Chrome, along with Avira, I haven't had a virus ever again.

And they want me to trust them? Ha!! I read that finally the IE browser by Microsoft is no longer dominant in the marketplace, and I say "It's about time". Now they have to resort to scare tactics which are patently untrue, and they have to hijack me when I sign out of Hotmail.

Truly, Microsoft is on the way of the dodo bird.